Palm Sunday

April 13th, 2014

Photo Gallery

       Third Sunday of Epiphany

               January 25, 2015

"The Why and How of Heifer International"

(New videos from morning worship service)

Photography  ----  Author: Unknown

A photograph is more than just
 A gift to bring or send.
 And more than just the likeness of
 A relative or friend.

 It is a kindly greeting and
 A memory to hold.
 Of happy times and pleasant things.
 However new or old.

 It is a mirror that reflects
 Companionship and cheer.
 And now and then the wistfulness
 That turns into a tear.

 A photograph is something to
 Adorn a desk or wall.
 Or carry in a pocket and
 Display to one and all.

 It is a faithful portrait
 The smile that friendship shares
 To add its sunshine and to show
 That someone really cares.

Ryan, acolyte, lights the altar candles.

Norma Simpson reads the book, "Faith the Cow" to the Sunday School children and the congregation at our morning worship service.

A video of Norma reading the book can be found on our video page.

Jan Schrock, a senior advisor for the charity, "Heifer International," an organization founded in1944 by her father, Dan West, was our guest speaker during morning worship.

Rev. Andrew Stinson, Jan Schrock, Irene Maxcy (Missions Chairperson), and Norma Simpson