Steeple Project Timeline

  • ​Mid-July 2015 - At Irene Maxcy's request, Jim Derby came to assess the work which needs to be done on the barn and he took a look at the steeple and told us about the Maine Steeples Project

  • 07/27/15 - Submited a Project Information Form to Maine Preservation

  • 09/1/15 - Christopher Closs, Field Service Adviser for Maine Preservation, came to do an initial assessment of our steeple

  • 09/2/15 - Received Jim Derby's estimate for the barn ($69,376)  

  • 09/15/15 - Received the Pre-assessment completed by Christopher Closs

  • 09/23/15 - Received Jim Derby's estimate to assess the steeple ($3,600)

  • End of September 2015 - submitted an Assessment Grant to the Maine Steeples Project

  • Early October 2015 - Jim Derby spends about 2 weeks assessing the steeple at a cost of $3,280 (all but 10% is paid by Maine Steeples Project)

  • 10/28/15 - Received Jim Derby's Steeple Assessment  

  • Not possible to get our grant in by the November 1st deadline, next deadline May 1, 2016

  • January through April - contacted other steeplejacks around the state with little success in receiving another estimate (other than Jim Derby's at $148,250).  In April MMR (Mid-Maine Restoration) gives us an estimate coming in a little higher than Jim's.  Also spend some time deciding the best way to have on-line giving available, decide to go with (click to donate)

  • 04/06/16 - Congregation gathered to hear Jim Derby and Pen Williamson (on fundraising) and votes unanimously to go ahead with the steeple restoration

  • 04/08/16 - Fundraising letter sent out to congregation giving them the option of pledging over a period of a year 

       (Pen Williamson helped with this letter)

  • Mid-April 2016 - Submitted Steeple Restoration Grant to Maine Steeples Project requesting $60,000 (the most they give out). Deadline is May 1st

  • 05/02/16 - Ladies Circle donated $5000.00 toward the steeple restoration project.

  • 05/19/16 - Awarded $60,000 from the Maine Steeples Project, will receive a check for $30,000 now and the rest when the job is complete

  • 05/29/16 - Received check for $30,000.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 06/25/16 - Warren Day Hot Dog Stand - Sponsored by the WSCC Deacons - Raised $500.00

  • 06/25/16 - Warren Day - Caring & Sharing Sisters made and sold whoopie pies and did a raffle - raised $200.00

  • 07/20/16 - Antique Sale @ Montsweag fundraiser

  • 08/13/16 - Left over antique items - Lawn Sale at Sharon Landry's fundraiser - raised $1800.00

  • 08/22/16 - Monday morning bright and early Jim Derby began working on the steeple (photos)

  • 08/24/16 - Dining to Donate fundraiser at Applebees - raised $652.00 (photos)

  • 09/24/16 - Spaghetti Supper hosted by Caring & Sharing Sisters and The Ladies Circle - raised $727.00

  • 10/12/16 - Three stained glass windows were transported by Superior Restoration (Dave Landry)  

                         to Stained Glass Express in Manchester Maine.

  • 10/20/16 - Steeple Fund Letter Campaign kicked off at Council meeting - thanks to all who helped.

  • 12/04/16 - Penobscot Bay Bell Ringers - Ringing for Restoration Bell Concert - raised $897.50

  • 04/22/17 - The Caring and Sharing Sisters donated $1000.00 proceed from their  6th Annual Spring Fling.

  • 05/02/17 - Newly gilded weather vane replaced on the steeple.



Jim Derby began working on the steeple in August and estimates it will take him 9 months.  

We need to raise $90,000 in the next year!




Thank you for your generosity and support.