Palm Sunday

April 13th, 2014

  Fifth Annual "Spring Fling" Musical

                    April 16, 2016


(Be sure to view accompanying videos ! Awesome talent!)

Evelyn and admirer, Tyler
A pre-show huddle with all the artists
Tristan (Evelyn's grandson), Evelyn, Kathleen and Ron
Evelyn and Neil
Jacob and Richard in a "Batman and Robin" skit
Tim Hill accompanied by "Rusty Hinge" member and Ron
Betsy and Nancy
Rose and the Wayfaring Strangers
Aleta and Melody
Robbie Littlehale
The "Rusty Hinges"
Ron and Kathleen
Bethany and Peta from Rockland District Nursing Association
The broken bass
Sherrill and Janice
Lauri and Neil
Juno and Amber
Neil and Evelyn