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   Welcome to the Second Congregational Church   

SCCW has served as a center in the community life of Warren, Maine for nearly 200 years, with some church members representing generations of Warren residents. Our roots reflect the care and love for one another that forms the heart of our worship together. We welcome all people to come share their individual gifts and to join together to nurture the entire community through the love Jesus opens to us.

Sunday Service Audio (click below)
September 17, 2023 - Deacon Service

You are invited to worship with us
 fellowship with us
To experience Gods Love with us.

Sunday Worship: 10:00 am

Sunday School: Children of all ages - dates to be announced.
Office Hours: Wednesday & Thursday 8am to noon.
Rev. Bette accepts visitors:
Mon. 10am-2pm - Tues. 2pm-6pm - Thurs. 2pm-6pm

Our 10am Worship service brings us together to celebrate the goodness and unending generosity of our Lord; to lay down our pain and worries; to pray and to sing from the fullness of our hearts as we prepare for the week ahead. 

coffee time

Join us every Tuesday morning 9 to 11 am

for coffee and conversation in the Upper Room

CCE every every Thursday and the 3rd Saturday of each month.
9 to 11am

for more information or to volunteer,
please contact


Office   (207) 273.2338 or

Susan 207-701-7622

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