WELCOME to the Second Congregational Church of Warren, Maine.


Second Congregational Church has served as a center in the community life of Warren, Maine, for nearly 200 years, with some church members representing generations of Warren residents.  Our roots reflect the care and love for one another that forms the heart of our worship together.  We welcome people of all ages to come share their individual gifts and to join together to nurture the entire community through the Love Jesus opens to us.

Come, be a part of this life-giving supportive family, seeking to live the Love that Jesus offers to each of us, sharing with one other, learning and growing, together.

Come...Worship with Us.

      Service Times     


Sunday School            9:00 am

Worship                      10:00 am
Fellowship Hour       11:00 am

     Childcare Provided  

OFFICE HOURS: Wednesday & Thursday 8:00 am to 12:00

Our 10:00 am Sunday worship services bring us together to celebrate the goodness and unending generosity of our Lord; to lay down our pain and worries; to pray and to sing from the fullness of our hearts as we prepare for the coming week.  The Sunday School meets every Sunday during the school year at 9:00 am, with classes for children of all ages and for adults, providing opportunities to learn about our faith, the Bible, Jesus' teachings and life.

November 10, 2019 - Rev. Bette Bond
"Grateful Heart"



11/03 Donna Lewis
11/10 Wes Ames
11/17 Melody Sainio
11/24 Hope Creighton


11/03 Janice & Susie
11/10 John & Sandra
11/17 Hope & Jeff
11/14 Cindy & Jeremy


11/03 Ladies Circle
11/10 Hospitality
11/17 Pastoral Review
11/24 Caring & Sharing


11/03 Gayle & Sue
11/10 Niva & Eric
11/17 Wes & Becky
11/24 Robin & Sue
11/27 Eric & Wes

January 2017

  Upcoming Events and Calendar 

CCE now open every Thursday and the

First Saturday of each month from 9 to 11am

Volunteers always welcome

Contact Susan 273-2338 to sign up

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