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And He said to them "Go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel to the whole creation". Mark 16:15


Seek to be lead by the Spirit of God to proclaim the love of Christ by helping people in need at home and abroad. Promote spirituality and create personal awareness of individuals responsibility to God and their neighbor.  Seek to spread the Gospel by support of various endeavors through our financial aid, our prayers, the sharing of missions needs and our visibility within the Church and Community.

Mission Board:  Meets the first Wednesday @ Noon


  • Irene Maxcy, Chair

  • Sharon Landry

  • Marcia Cifaldo

  • Valerie Miller

  • Gayle White

Mission Update - February 2021


It brings me tremendous joy to announce that the new Executive Director of AIO Food and Energy Assistance will be Joe Ryan! We are so pleased that he has accepted this new position and begin a new journey with AIO. Welcome aboard Joe!!

                                                                                             -Pat Weaver

Mission Update - January 2017

Life's most persistent and urgent question is, "What are you doing for others?"  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


So what has Second Congregational done in 2016 and what are our plans for 2017? January began with a meeting focusing on our goals for the year and for the most part, we accomplished them.  We very much wanted to be involved with the Habitat for Humanity spring build, but that didn't happen.  We did, however, spend a Saturday, in late October, working on the latest home in Camden.  If you haven't done this with your church family yet, please consider doing so.  I promise you, even if you have no building skills, this will be a very rewarding day.  I show up for these builds and have no skills, but Peter always finds something for me to do.  In 2017 we intend to partner with Habitat once again and invite all of you to participate.  What we do outside these walls counts for more than we can ever accomplish inside.


We had a very successful Operation Christmas Child shoebox collection in October thanks to all of you.  In November 80 shoeboxes were blessed and Jen took them to Belfast, the first stop on their journey to the boys and girls around the world who finally receive them.  I believe this was the most we have filled in the past 6 years.  Imagine the joy and blessing you have given to these children, who might not otherwise receive such a gift or to ever hear about Jesus.


Our Lent offering was given to Hospitality House, as well as, supplies and non-perishable food items.  Stephanie Primm, director of HH, will be doing the Mission Moment on January 29th and will share with us their needs and successes.  Their greatest need is for more housing for their clients, only 22 people can live at HH at one time and generally about half of those are children.


Our Advent offering went to 4 different missions, Exodus Road, NuDay Syria, Hospitality House and Soldier's Heart.  Thank you for helping us send $500 to each of these very deserving ministries.  We will probably never meet any of the lives we've touched, but whether near or far, you have made a difference in someone's life.


We continue to sponsor 2 girls and a boy to go to school, in the Philippines, Mexico, and Haiti.  Check out our bulletin board for their latest letters and photos.  Missions would very much like to add another boy or girl to this list...another goal for 2017.


Special thanks goes to Susan for persevering through 4 years of the Clothes Closet, now officially the Children's Clothing Exchange, which better defines our mission, and thanks also to the many others who come out to help every first Friday and Saturday of the month; thanks to Gayle for continuing on the board of AIO and for her part at Bread for the Journey food pantry; and to Rev. Andy, for being at every Mission meeting to share in the decisions we make month after month.


Please take a look at the Mission Report in the Annual Report and you will see all that Second Congregational has supported in 2016.  We gave out over $10,000!  Someone recently asked me where our funding comes from.  The answer is simple, it comes from the mission side of the offering envelope and from special missions.  A little, week after week, month after month, adds up to a lot of giving.  If you don't already give to Missions, please consider us in 2017.  Thank you on behalf of the Mission Board.

Mission Update - July 2016

Another year half over and what have we done?


For starters, we've given out $4474.00!


In January we had a planning meeting for 2016 and decided it was time to get serious about mission outreach and have been setting aside $200 a month for that purpose.  Tia Anderson, from Habitat for Humanity, who we continue to partner with, came to our May meeting to discuss some possibilities.  One being going to Washington County, where there is no Habitat affiliate, and building a house. Indeed a lofty goal, but we would not be doing this alone.  We have also discussed medical outreach to Haiti, where we sponsor a child, through Partners in Development.  At this time no decision has been made as to where, but in 2017 we would like to venture outside our four walls.


In April we celebrated the 3rd anniversary of the Clothes Closet and made the decision to close for the summer months and reopen in September.  More than anything we need a permanent place, and as we discovered on the last Sunday in May, that could happen in the not so distant future. The Old Brick School is being renovated by the Warren Baptist Church and we could potentially have a spacious room there to set-up permanently. The food pantry will also be housed there, so a perfect solution for both ministries.


Our Lenten project went just "ducky" and we donated lots of canned food, cleaning and office supplies and toys to Hospitality House, as well as, a check for $500.  


Gayle White, who represents our church on the Area Interfaith Outreach board, asked us to consider making regular donations to AIO.  So far this year we have sent them a check for $500 and we plan to make quarterly donations of $250.  AIO, based in Rockland, is much more than a food pantry and reaches out to the surrounding communities with their backpack program, fuel assistance, help with utilities and emergency housing.


We continue to sponsor 3 kids to attend school, as well as, receive food, medical care and school supplies: in Haiti, Syco, through Partners in Development; in Mexico, Evelin, who attends Panamerican Institute; and Roxanne in the Philippines.  We can never really know the impact we are having on these kids, but sponsoring them is probably one of our most important missions.


We will continue our Mission Moments each month to keep everyone updated as to where our mission offering is going. And if there is anything anyone would like us to consider please don't hesitate to let us know, we are always open to new ideas.

Mission Update - 2016

Our 5th Sunday Mission was devoted to the Old Brick School ministry. Having Bill and Delia participate in our service and then take us on a tour of the school was wonderful. (Click here to listen to Delia's message on Sunday May 29th.) Their passion and commitment to this ministry is indeed a lesson in faith.  And having so many of our congregation make the trek up the hill showed our sincere interest in what our sister church is doing.  


Their mission statement is simple, "To positively impact our community with God's love."  They have accomplished so much in the year since we last went through the building. The next important step is getting the electrical work completed and they have received a small grant to help with that. After that is accomplished, next comes the heat and plumbing.


It was indeed an emotional moment for all involved with the Clothes Closet ministry to come upon a big, beautiful room with a small hand-written sign taped to the door which read, "Clothes Closet".  Their hope, and ours as well, is to get the Bread for the Journey food pantry and the Clothes Closet moved in as soon as possible.  Our task is to find the time to lend a hand and to support their fundraising efforts. 


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