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Ministry and Missions is firmly rooted in the DNA of the Second Congregational Church of Warren. As a church plant we know first-hand the power that comes from believers stepping out in faith to grow the Kingdom of God. This is why we actively engage in our community and our world through evangelism and service.

When we come to realize that God has given us a specific purpose for our lives, we can move forward with confidence, fully trusting the One who called us.


Like John the Baptist, we don't have to fear living with a radical focus on our God-given mission. Can there be any greater joy or fulfillment in this life than to know God's pleasure and reward awaits us in heaven? Undoubtedly, moments after his beheading John the Baptist must have heard his master say, "Well done!"

For more information on any of our Missions please contact the Church office or see one of our Church members or simply click the links below.

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