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And because we are His children, God has sent the Spirit of His Son into our hearts.

Our Youth

We firmly believe that our church will be a healthier, more effective ministry if we have a healthy young ministry. You will attract more families, raise future leaders, and connect with kids of an age that is possibly the most receptive to life-long change and commitment to Christ.  We seek to reach our young people with a story that can change their lives, the story of Jesus Christ.​


At WSCC we place our emphasis on enriching childrens lives through Prayer, Bible teaching and nurturing their spiritual development.  A primary goal of any Sunday school should be to help young people learn what the Bible says and learn how to apply the Bible to their own lives.

Teaching them to ask "What is God saying to me" and how can I apply His Word and His will for me to my life. Understanding the scriptures and memorizng them can help with this.

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