Music Ministry

Choir practice--11:30 am Sunday's

Opening to all

Anyone interested in being part of the Chancel or Festival choir should come at 11:30 am on Sundays to talk about schedule, plans, and commitments.  While the choir will lead the congregational singing every week, soloists and ensembles will continue to be part of our music ministry during Introits and Offertory, encouraging participants of all ages.

January 1, 2019
Music Ministry Coordinating Committee

Lauri Stetson

Carolyn Robinson

Patricia Overlock

Hope Creighton

THANK YOU......As my retirement from my position as Music Minister at Second Congregational approaches, I feel a tremendous thankfulness for these wonderful years of making music among you. Never did I dream that at my age such unimagined new experiences in music, friendship, and community might be possible. You have the precious bond of love, the fullness of the Spirit, shared freely among you and beyond. May this Presence only grow, in depth and breadth, as you explore the path ahead, following God's call into being. I thank each of you for your lovely cards and messages, your enduring support and kindness, the immeasurable friendship so openly extended, all of which I cherish. May these bonds only grow as we pursue our life journeys. And may music soar into the heavens from our hearts, easing pain, nurturing the soul, carrying love, that we may all Rejoice! -Nancy (Dec. 1, 2018)