"Our purpose is to care and share and glorify the Lord above"

Caring and Sharing Ladies Group

Established September 1989

September 27, 2020 Celebrating 30 years

Current members:


Evelyn Anderson, Kathleen  Borzelli, Tina Bryant, Karen Carpenter, Debbie Collemer, Amanda Gardner, Barbara Hart, Linda Lent, Donna Lewis (S), Patty Ott,
Janice Overlock (T), Patricia Overlock, Susan Overlock, Niva-Jean Poland, Robin Quinn, Carolyn Robinson (P), Becky Ruggieri, Lauri Stetson, Janette Small, Karen Welch,
Sonja Wiley

We always welcome new members. Call (207) 273-2338 for more info.

We are channels of God's love, encouraging fellowship. We are dedicated to helping those in need by providing support, reassurance and kindness when needed; by giving monetary donations to supporting agencies like the food pantry; by extending a welcome hand to new faces; and by visiting those who are home bound or those who need a helping hand. By providing care, compassion and concern to all, our heart and soul purpose is to care and share and glorify the Lord above.

President--Carolyn Robinson 

Secretary--Donna Lewis
Treasurer--Janice Overlock

Meetings:  1st Monday of each month at 6:30 P.M.
Socials: To be anounced

Winter Sabbatical - no meetings December, January and February.


An evening of fellowship that will support various needs of the church and community thru various fundraising events.

To care and share and glorify the Lord above.

Caring & Sharing Sisters

30th Anniversary Celebration
Niva Poland delivering a message