"Our purpose is to care and share and glorify the Lord above"

Caring and Sharing Ladies Group

Established September 1989


September 27, 2020 Celebrating 30 years

Current members:


Evelyn Anderson, Kathleen  Borzelli, Tina Bryant, Karen Carpenter, Debbie Collemer, Amanda Gardner, Barbara Hart, Linda Lent, Donna Lewis (S), Patty Ott,
Janice Overlock (T), Patricia Overlock, Susan Overlock, Niva-Jean Poland, Robin Quinn, Carolyn Robinson (P), Becky Ruggieri, Lauri Stetson, Janette Small, Karen Welch,
Sonja Wiley

We always welcome new members. Call (207) 273-2338 for more info.

We are channels of God's love, encouraging fellowship. We are dedicated to helping those in need by providing support, reassurance and kindness when needed; by giving monetary donations to supporting agencies like the food pantry; by extending a welcome hand to new faces; and by visiting those who are home bound or those who need a helping hand. By providing care, compassion and concern to all, our heart and soul purpose is to care and share and glorify the Lord above.

President--Carolyn Robinson 
Vice-President--Faustina Bryant

Secretary--Donna Lewis
Treasurer--Janice Overlock

Corresponding Secretary-Kathleen Borzelli

Meetings:  1st Monday of each month at 6:30 P.M.
Socials: To be 

Winter Sabbatical - no meetings December, January and February.


A group of caring women who are dedicated to supporting various needs of our church family and community.

To care and share and glorify the Lord above.

Caring & Sharing Sisters

30th Anniversary Celebration
Niva Poland delivering a message