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Ladies Circle

Ladies Ministry
  • Carole Starr - President

  • Patty Ott - Vice President

  • Cindy Bland - Treasurer

  • Margaret Damewood - Missions Collection

  • Sandy Gammon - Member at Large


Meetings--1st Monday of every month at 10:00 A.M.  in the Fellowship room.


A ladies' social group that works for the good of the Church and the Congregation.


The object of this society shall be to promote a spirit of service for our King and to be ever ready to lend a helping hand in “HIS NAME.”

This organization held its first meeting in June 1880.. Its aim was to promote sociability among our people, to render the church financial aid and to engage in any work of general philanthropy which may seem to us to be advisable.  As fundraisers, public suppers, church fairs and raffles are held throughout the year. 

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