Sunday school is an ideal place to equip children with answers that prepare them to defend their faith. We must cultivate real Christian love for every child we hope to teach, the best way to do this is through prayer.

Sunday school teachers: 


  • Jen Turner,

  • Tammy Hagen,  

  • Patty Overlock,

  • Becky Ruggieri

  • Patty Ott




The Board of Education and Sunday School are in need of help with childcare on Sundays. There is an ongoing sign-up sheet.  If you are intereted in helping with this hospitality please see one of our Sunday School teachers or give Jen or Tammy a call.


Sunday School:


The new Sunday School year is underway. We started off with a bang on Rally Day. The students had fun searching for lots of items in a big scavenger hunt outside the church that day. We had a kayak trip and apple Sunday. The kids had a great time helping Andy’s friend use his apple press outside to make cider! It tasted delicious! We are following the “spark” curriculum again this year. The material follows the lectionary schedule – the kids learn their lesson and then when we go upstairs for church, the service is following the same topic. It is wonderful to see the students connect what they have already learned to Andy’s message and the church service. The Sunday School is a fun energetic place to be. We welcome any helpers or folks who would like to teach a lesson on any Sunday to come

On down and join us!    -Jen


Sunday School

Blessed are the peacemakers; for they shall be called the children of God. Matthew 5:9