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The Riverside Fellowship Club Scholarship Program

2023 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations Scholarship Winners


Emily Knutson                            January Peavey

Scholarship History:

Sometime in 1993 or 1994, after a very successful Annual Fellowship Club Show, the RFC members were making decisions about what projects to donate the proceeds of the show to. We always donated to a project, upkeep, or repair for the church and/or to a mission’s project. Somewhere in the conversation, it was suggested that we could give scholarships to the youth of our church who were continuing their education.

Because we had brought in a fairly large amount of money from the show, we thought we could reserve $2,000 to start a scholarship fund and still contribute to whatever project the church had going at the time. Thus the scholarship committee was formed. The members of that committee were David Smith, Sue Wright, Greg Soucey, Marcia Cifaldo and I (Linda Kaler).
It took us a year or so of researching and organizing and we finally decided to put the $2,000 into a mutual fund in which we could add to each year until it reached a self-sustaining amount. That is, we could make awards and that money would be replaced over the next year by dividends and growth accrued. We used the Cyrus Eaton Scholarship Program as a guide for our rules of procedure, cover letter and application.

Our main purpose was to make scholarships available as soon as possible to students who are members of our church and/or who have been or are currently involved in our church and its activities.

In 1995 we awarded the first scholarships to three students for a total of $500. Over the years the scholarship fund gained and lost money. We added show receipts for several years, and we finally reached our goal. (It took
Our purpose is to recommend awards to candidates who have been, or who are currently involved with our church and its activities.  Applicants must be attending college as a full time student.  (12 credit hours)

To apply for the scholarship, please click the link below to view and print forms.  Mail the completed application to the address on the cover letter before the May 15th deadline.  Award winners will be notified by mail.  

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