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To sponsor a child is to give that child a future. Sponsoring a child allows you to create a relationship with a child in need, and we believe it’s the most powerful way to fight poverty. When you sponsor a child, you communicate life-changing love and encouragement through letters, photos, packages.

Evelin Cuevas
Panamerican Institute Graduate
June 2017

CLICK HERE for Evelin's letter of thanks to our Congregation for sponsoring her these past three years.

Panamerican Institute Graduates
June 2017

Nineteen students graduated on July 1st.
Staff and teachers are proud of what these kids accomplished
during those three years because they grew up to
become more responsible and respectful citizens.

You can help the cause of missions by supporting missions in our church. This support can come by way of prayer, finances, or time and labor for the work of the ministry. 

Child Sponsorship and Letters of Thanks

Syco Ferlando Mondesur

Luke Kuenzter

Our church has sponsored Luke Kuenzter right through college at Caring Community in the Philippines.  We have received his letters and photos over the years and even though he is far away, we have had the privilege to watch him grow into a young man. We hope through this sponsorship we have given Luke the opportunity for a better life and the knowledge that he never walks alone, Jesus is always with him.


Roxanne Corpuz

We now have a girl to sponsor, Roxanne Corpuz, who is going into the 4th grade at Caring Community in June.  She is the only girl in a family with five children.  Her father and mother both work, but her father earns the equivalent of $100/month, which is too little to meet the needs of his family.  Her mother works as a full time housemaid to help augment her husband's income, which leaves Roxanne to help with her siblings.  She attends Sunday School along with her brothers and her parents participate in bible studies.  Please pray for Roxanne and her family as we begin another partnership across the world.

From Roxanne:  Dear People of 2nd Congregational church. Thank you for helping me so I can go to school.  Jesus shows me it is love to me through you all.  My family and I pray for you.  We love you!  Sincerely, Roxanne   

Click above to view a special card from Syco

It's a boy!  We are officially sponsoring our third child and his name is Syco Ferlando Mondesur from Blanchard, Haiti.  He is the only child in his family and was born under weight on August 12, 2010.  With our support he is now enrolled in the Partners in Development food program. He will also receive medical assistance and clothing.  When he is ready to start school our sponsorship will provide tuition, a school uniform and shoes, one meal a day, as well as, medical assistance.  Our desire is to help both Syco and his parents escape poverty in Haiti, as well as, give them hope for a better life.

Letters of Thanks 

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A letter of thanks from the Soldiers' Angels

May 2016

May No Soldier Go Unloved

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