Senior Youth

Creating and building a viable youth ministry for our church is very important. We have the responsibility of teaching, encouraging and inspiring our youth to pursue Biblical principles, practice their faith among their peers and find their destiny in Christ.

Young people need to feel that they have a sense of purpose and that their church cares about and meets their needs.

Advisors:  Becki & Gus Ruggieri




Hi everyone,


Gus and I went into Wal-Mart a bit ago... all of the Easter "things" were 75% off today. We 'hunted' (haha) the manager down and asked if they would donate Easter eggs for next year?! Wal-Mart very generously gave us a gift card for $25.00.  We were able to get about 500

eggs and a start on our prize give-away items. 


I will write a thank you note (with the youth) to the store manager who seemed very excited to do this for us!

It sure made our day!   I wished the youth could have been there to do the purchase with us but the eggs were

going fast!! 


Have a wonderful afternoon,

With love,



There are 6 graduating seniors this year

Sophie Cohen

Jessica Herrick

James Lent

Brianna Luce

Deagan Poland

Ben Turner

Congratulations to Sophie Cohen and Ben Turner

National Honor Society Inductees, March 3rd, 2015