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The food pantry at AIO is always a busy place.  This month the Post Office held its annual food drive.  Ocean State Job Lots made a large contribution to Good Shepard Food Banks, they in turn passed that on to food banks through out the state. 

There also was a delivery of government food.  When food comes in like this you never know what you will get, especially with food drives.  AIO is setting up a video screen in the waiting area to show different ways these things can be used.  They also will have written copies of the recipes for clients to take home.

Donations can be dropped off at the rear entrance. 

Summer always seems like a time of plenty, for some of us it is, fresh veggies and fruit, warm sunshine, long days.  Whay could be better.  It also means that children are out of school for the summer months.  That means that breakfast and lunch 5 days a week is not guaranted.  It puts more strain on family food budgets, in turn putting more strain on food pantrys.

We have wonderful local farmers who donate part of their harvest, volunteer shoppers that search out the best bargains and lost of contributors who drop off food on a regular basis.  It is heart warming to see the contributions, big and small that come in.

The planning stages for the Back Pack Program are well under way for next fall.  AIO has to reserve the number of Back packs it will be filling this fall,  We have reserved 300 for the coming school year, that s a 50% increase from last year.  The program now serves 12 middle schools throughout Knox County.  The hope is expand even farther this year.  We all want to help the children.

So Thank You Second Congregational Church. It’s good to help others.