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AIO - 70 Thomaston Street, Rockland, Me.  Mon/Wed/Fri 8am-12pm - Weds. 4 to 7:30pm

Exciting News!!!


We opened the doors of the new facility on Wednesday, September 2, 2020

This new facility sends a clear message to all those who visit us: We care about you. We are dedicated to making your lives better. Yes, we provide groceries and heating…but this building means so much more than that. AIO is dedicated to providing More Food, More Often to anyone who needs our support. 

Donations can be dropped off at the rear entrance. 

  • We will have expanded hours at the Food Pantry and are returning to client shopping in the pantry rather than curbside delivery as we have had in place since March. Client shopping allows our clients to select food that best suits their family, and our AIO Volunteers can again provide personal attention for each client who comes to us. 

  • Our Weekend Meal program will begin in mid-September. This critical program provides food for kids and their families for the weekends. 

  • We are expecting an increased demand for our heating assistance program and are making plans to start offering this program in November. We have a vision to expand this program (let’s call this - More Energy, More Often).

  • In partnership with the Knox County Gleaners, the root cellar is fully operational and is being well stocked with fresh produce from area farmers and individuals. Their motto is "Harvesting our Fields, Feeding our Hungry".

Some of you have asked what is going to happen in the current building once we move next door into the new space. Nancy Wood, the SNAP-ED Nutrition Educator for Knox County, in partnership with AIO, will be developing a Community Kitchen. 


We have so many plans for this program – stay tuned for more details - it's very exciting. The Midcoast Diaper Project will also be headquartered in the current building; they provide free diapers for anyone who needs them. They distribute the diapers in partnership with our AIO Programs.

AIO Director Liz Jenkins delivered a Mission Moment to the Congregation about AIO on October 18, 2020

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